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    Making the Chicken that Makes Your Menu

There was a time when chicken wasn't all that exciting. Everyone made it the same, so it all tasted the same.

Then along came Brakebush and things in the chicken world changed. Today, Brakebush makes dozens of different types of chicken in a wide array of shapes, sizes, and varieties. It's chicken that can set you and your menu apart.

Chik'N Gone Wild Wings


That's because chicken's our specialty. It's all we do, all day, every day. In fact, we've been doing nothing but chicken ever since two brothers with one truck started the business in 1925.

So we know chicken. We know how consumers and restaurants like it. We know how to make it in any shape from nuggets to tenderloins. We know how to add just the right amount of this and that to make it special.

Bottom line? We know how to make the chicken that makes your menu. And that's what you're looking for, isn't it?



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